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Cybils 2008 – Squeeeee!

Today was the big day people. That would be Day One of the Cybils 2008. Squeeeee! The fun has begun. For those unfamiliar with the Cybils award, the prizes are awarded by kidlitosphere bloggers to the most outstanding books (nominated by YOU and other readers out there) published in all sorts of categories this year. So you can head on over to the Cybils blog to nominate one title per category. There are a few eensy rules that you need to understand prior to nominating, so read them here. Simple, yes?

Last year I was thrilled to be a panelist on the Middle Grade Fiction team, and this year, I am double thrilled to be back in the same category as a judge and… The Category Organizer! Awesome. So, not to be all focused on Middle Grade Fiction or anything… but get over there and leave your nomination in my category people! We want all the delicious reads we can get. Here’s a teaser of my description of the MG category:

“The middle grade years are those with the most potential to turn a child into a reader for life. It’s often the books you read between the ages of 8-12 that you remember long into adulthood as your dearest books of all. These are the years when kids really and truly start to figure themselves out as readers–their likes and dislikes and all the rest in between. It’s during this time when children strike out on their own in earnest, reading for themselves and by themselves, all the while creating themselves.” (read the rest here and then drop off your favourite Middle Grade Fiction title published in 2008).

I am happy to present the talented and discerning Middle Grade team:


Sarah Mulhern The Reading Zone
Alysa Stewart Everead
Mary R. Voors ACPL Mock Newbery
Sherry Early Semicolon
Kim Baccellia
Melissa Fox Book Nut
Matthew Wigdahl The Book Club Shelf


Kelly Herold Big A little a
Eric Berlin
J.L. Bell Oz and Ends
(moi) Shelf Elf
Julie M. Prince Off to Turn Another Page

Go gang!