Chains and Long May She Reign

Let me just say, how will I ever top the pair of books I just finished reading?

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Laurie Halse Anderson and Ellen Emerson White, I bow to your greatness. Honestly. (Is it the triple-barreled names ladies? If I have one, will I write a great book too?)

What a time to be reading these remarkable books, all about power and politics, courage and change, going after dreams and thinking beyond the limits of your own life. It was a treat reading them at the same time. I bet Isabel and Meg would be kindred spirits. Read their stories, straight away.

When I’m not trapped in the land o’ report cards, I’ll have my own reviews to present. In the meantime, read the words of my fellow bloggers:

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2 thoughts on “Chains and Long May She Reign

  1. shelfelf Post author

    You’ll love Chains, Holly. Yes! I’ll see you at the EEW chat next Tuesday. I’m sure it will be a good one!

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