Coraline Movie Treats

I’m just a little bit excited about the February release of Coraline, the movie. Here’s the trailer:

Holy fantastic, yes? I truly hope that it is creepy. I want it to be very creepy. When I read the book for the first time, I could hardly sleep, what with the whole disembodied hand business. Delightfully terrifying.

There are 2 cool websites to investigate. The first is the Coraline Film in Focus site. Lots of fun things there. Then we have the Official Coraline Website which is super eerie but also quite aggravating because you need these “keys” to enter the site and view the very awesome behind-the-scenes movie clips. Luckily, by the magic of the all-knowing Internet, I have deduced two of the keys all by myself… NOT! Try entering: “puppetlove” and “buttoneyes” and please do drop off any other keys you may discover in the comments section below, as a simple courtesy to moi.

Go read the interview with Mr. Gaiman at

The fact that Neil Gaiman calls the movie “the strangest stop-motion film ever” has to be a good sign.

(OK… just played some more with the Official Website and came across 2 more keys – you must try “armpithair” for a look at how Coraline got her groovy blue tresses, and then “sweaterxxs” to see the world’s tiniest sweater being knitted on toothpick-sized needles. Wow).

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