Coming Soon: The Class of 2k9

So I’m a bit quick on the draw with this one, but I can’t help it. I’m already excited about the next crop of debut MG and YA authors coming our way in 2009. I’ve been a huge fan of the tremendously talented crew that is the Class of 2k8. Some of my best reads of last year came from the 2k8-ers, and I haven’t even worked my way through all of those titles yet. Bravo to the Class of 2k8.

Looking to January 2009, any and all readers of kidlit should keep close watch on the developments over at The Class of 2k9 Website. Things are happening. Stuff is starting to take shape. It would seem that this gang has a foodie theme going on: Serving Up Fresh Fiction. They’ve even got a list of recipes inspired by their books. (Can I love a book I know almost nothing about just based on the fact that it is in some way related to Hello Dollies? If yes, then I already love Cheryl Renee Herbsman’s debut, Breathing).

Bring on the 2k9s! (Bring on the Hello Dollies!)

I like these newbies already.


5 thoughts on “Coming Soon: The Class of 2k9

  1. Ellen B.

    You’re right…that is a mouth-watering web site! The chocolate chip cake catches my eye.

    Along with the books, of course. ;D

    Go 2k9!

    Ellen Booraem

  2. Rosanne Parry

    Hey Shelf Elf, thanks for stopping by!

    We’ve got lots of great plans for our debut year. The blog will be up and running come January.

    We owe a big thank you to our sister class 2K8 for all their support and encouragement and special thanks to Greg Fishbone the founder of the 2K classes.

  3. shelfelf Post author

    Hi Rosanne! Glad you came by Shelf Elf. I’ll be keeping close watch over at the 2k9 site. Congratulations!

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