Elf Envy: Random Round Up

Good things discovered lately:

Thanks to Fuse 8 for the link to Authors Now, a site devoted to featuring debut authors for kids and teens. Very cool indeed. Like Class of 2k8 (2k9) only more.

Jen R’s recent list of reviews that made her want the books is particularly juicy this time (and not just because Jen linked to one of my reviews… honest!). I’m eager to look for Wintergirlz.

Over at Reading Rants you’ll find Jen H’s 2008 Top Ten list.

Just to make yourself grin, head over to read Seven Imp’s Interview with Cece Bell. Who couldn’t love a woman who has painted a sock monkey chef on her kitchen cabinets?

I think Emily nailed her review haiku for Graceling.

I’m more than just an eensy bit curious about fellow Torontonian Lesley Livingston’s debut novel, Wondrous Strange. It’s out very soon (December 23/08), it’s very pretty:


and Nancy Springer is crazy about it. I want.


3 thoughts on “Elf Envy: Random Round Up

  1. Jen Robinson

    Thanks for linking to my RTMMWTB this month. I do think that there were tons of great reviews published (including yours). It just kept growing and growing.

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