Daily Archives: January 8, 2009

I will read more Melina Marchetta

I’m not really making Reading Resolutions this year, because the ones I made last year only “sort of” worked in the end. There are already enough things I’m involved in that dictate the books I have to read at a given time. I want to leave some room for whimsy and inspired freedom of choice.

That said, I think I can handle this resolution:

I will read more Melina Marchetta.

I’ve been wanting to read Saving Francesca since I was fifteen. I’m finally doing it. My review will follow later, but I must say that I am wowed by the way that Marchetta has crafted Mia and Francesca’s mother-daughter relationship. It’s so complex and intense. I’m also crazy about how Francesca is really such an ordinary girl and is still an utterly compelling character.

Must keep reading.

Good thing On the Jellicoe Road is already waiting for me at the library.