Daily Archives: January 14, 2009

SQUEEEE! Check out my new banner!


Translation: that is the sound that one over-the-moon-with-happiness elf makes when she has just received a gorgeous new blog banner created by none other than:



That’s Jeremy Tankard, much-acclaimed Canadian author/illustrator extraordinaire. You know, the guy who created this:


and this:


and this (soon-to-be-released) treat:


And guess what? Guess what makes this even nicer than nice? Jeremy created my banner in exchange for a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Yes, that’s right. (I do make great chocolate cookies, and it is going to be a VERY large batch, but even so).

Now don’t go getting any ideas. A man only needs so many chocolate chip cookies.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jeremy! I have the snazziest banner in the kidlitosphere, if I do say so myself. I wonder how many times a girl can visit her own blog in one night, just to look at it (and still be normal)?