Oliver Jeffers Roundup


Oliver Jeffers is one talented super-artist. I am crazy about his picture books. His style is so refined looking, modern and muted. And gosh darn it, the man knows how to write a sweet story. I defy you to read Lost and Found and not want to cuddle up to the first penguin who shows up on your doorstep. I’ve come across several Jeffers-inspired items in the kidlitosphere lately, so here are all of those treats together, in one handy roundup:

Guardian feature on Oliver Jeffers
Just One More Book’s podcast on The Way Back Home
Lots more Oliver Jeffers-related goodies at Just One More Book
StudioAKA’s gorgeous collection of stills from the short film version of Lost and Found. You’ll find the trailer there too.
Oliver Jeffers Illustration

There’s a hearty dose of sweetness for a freezing Sunday morning.

4 thoughts on “Oliver Jeffers Roundup

  1. Blog Junkie

    I’m so happy to find another who loves Oliver Jeffers! The grade 1’s just loved Lost and Found and grade 4 were fascinated by the Incredible Book Eating Boy.

    BTW, every time I come here to read your posts and nearly die of jealousy over that gorgeous banner!

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