Poetry Friday: A Dust of Snow

We’ve had a lot more than a dusting lately, but I love this little poem. A reminder that sometimes a small thing, at the right time, makes all the difference.

Dust of Snow – by Robert Frost

The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.

From Poetry Foundation.

(photo © Scott Roberts for openphoto.net CC:Attribution)


5 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Dust of Snow

  1. delzey

    As a kid, I always loved that a man named Frost wrote quite a bit abut snow. And that he links it with my favorite bird, a crow… ah!
    Thanks for this bit of dust.

  2. Terry

    What a wonderfully idyllic poem for so many of us this week … we tend to overlook the beauty in our rush to create muddy tire treads. Thanks.

  3. Kelly Fineman

    Oh, how I like Frost. I posted his “Choose Something Like a Star” the other day (in conjunction with Keats’s “Bright Star”). But this small little gem is lovely on a cold winter’s day.

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