Cookies for Art… the Dramatic Conclusion

So remember my recent heartwarming/envy-inspiring tale about how I snagged my utterly wonderful Jeremy Tankard banner? Go ahead…refresh your memory. Well, today I delivered on my side of the bargain: a box of cookies for Jeremy and his family.



(Box of cookies, looking delightfully springish in yellow and green. Note adorable hound in background, “Do we have to give all of those cookies to Jeremy Tankard?”)

And then:


(Jeremy Tankard, next to box of cookies and his newly released picture book, Boo Hoo Bird, a follow-up to his wildly popular and whimsical debut picture book, Grumpy Bird).

I was also treated to a tour of Jeremy’s groovy studio and I stole glimpse into his sketchbooks. Lucky moi. I even got a sneak peek of what he’s working on next. But that’s a big secret and I’m not telling anyone.

Thanks Jeremy! Keep on working your picture-magic! Cookies are the best creativity-food.

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