Daily Archives: February 10, 2009

Neil Gaiman is whispering in my ear and it’s spooky

I’ve been in the midst of a bit of an audiobook slump the past few months. After listening to about 10 audiobooks since I got my iPod last Christmas, I’m finding that while I enjoy a well-cast audiobook, I would almost always rather read the book myself. I tend to get more out of reading than listening. I sink into characters more. I can better take in the nuance of the author’s style. My mind doesn’t wander about when I have a book in my hands the way it sometimes does when I’m listening to a story. So just as I was about to click “Cancel” on my Audible membership, I saw this:


Yes folks. The audiobook of The Graveyard Book is narrated by none other than Mr. Neil Gaiman. It would have been just wrong not to Neil Gaiman read it. I mean, have you heard this man’s voice? (Take a listen to this interview). Ah… the glorious tones of a posh British accent.

So, I need hardly say that listening to The Graveyard Book is proving to be the best antidote to audiobook fatigue a girl could want. Sometimes I feel like an audiobook gets in the way of me creating a relationship with the text, since it’s someone else’s voice in between me and the story. Neil can step right up and read me any story he wants, anytime.

I will want to write smart things about this book (especially that opening chapter… holy scary). I will do so once Neil has finished whispering it in my ear.