Daily Archives: February 17, 2009

The Graveyard Book


What can a girl really say about a Newbery/Cybils award-winning book that hasn’t already been said by other mega-fans? Pretty much the whole children’s lit universe is in love with The Graveyard Book, and let me tell you, I get it. I wouldn’t have imagined it possible to love a Neil Gaiman book as much as Stardust or Coraline, but I think this one may even nudge past those two very beloved books. I mentioned last week that Neil was whispering the story in my ear late at night (thanks to the miracle of the audiobook. By the way, the audiobook is up for two Audies, according to the author over at his journal ). Well, I listened to the last little bit of the story a few nights ago, and the very first thing I did (after sighing and pressing my Ipod to my heart), was race out to the bookstore to grab a copy so that I could see the illustrations. Then I pressed the book to my heart and sighed for a while. Love it. A lot.

Even though it’s most unlikely that Mr. Gaiman would ever venture over here to my teensy corner of blog-land, I’d like to send out this thank you to him, just the same.

Thank you for finding a way to write a story full of creepiness and fantasy, and life and crypts, and epitaphs and goodbyes and ghosts (oh… and hounds of god. We like those too.).

5 Headstones out of 5.