Bras and Broomsticks


Bras and Broomsticks presents the completely clever, often hilarious madcap adventures of Rachel, who has the (mis)fortune of coming from a family of witches. Her mom is a witch. Her younger sister Miri has just discovered her supernatural skills. The only one lacking magical ability is Rachel, which is too bad, given that she could really use some spells to land a spot on the A-list, snag a role in the school fashion show, win the heart of Raf, her super cute crush, and stop her father’s wedding to her Soon-To-Be-Step-Monster (STB for short). Good thing Miri is itching to bypass her official witch training lessons and get straight into practicing some serious but secret witchcraft. With her younger sister’s help, Rachel plans to solve as many problems in her life as possible. Who knew that magic is just as good at getting you into trouble as it is at saving the day?

Sarah Mlynowski makes the most of a winning premise. She has a talent for exploring many real-world teen concerns (What’s life like in popular land? Will that guy ever notice me? Why is my family crazy? Am I good at anything?) within the realm of magic. Oh, and she’s great at funny (loved the nasty spells Miri and Rachel try out on their STB. Very Parent Trap). I’m curious to see where Mylnowski takes Rachel in the rest of the books in the series, how the character develops and grows. Great fun from first page to last. Fans of Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series will find plenty to enjoy here. No spy gear, just witchy accessories.

Sarah Mlynowski’s Magic in Manhattan series is published by Delacorte Press.

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