Daily Archives: April 13, 2009

Monday’s Zen Moment: Picture & Poem

In an effort to set aside a sliver of zen time in my Monday insanity, I’ve decided to start a new weekly feature here at Shelf Elf. I’m calling it “Zen Monday.” I’ll post a picture that I hope might inspire you – and me – to carve a minute or two of quiet out of our busy Mondays. I’m going to try to manage to write a poem too. Like today.



Little bird
on the bridge
perched at the edge
he takes in the day

– the sky
the water
the feet passing by –

and lifts his wings
to catch the air
where the wind
will take him


copyright K. Millar, 2009
please do not reprint without permission

(Photo by Auro. See it and lots more of her lovely stuff at Flickr.)