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Author Interview: K.L. Going

kingkelnewCheck out the coolness today! K.L. Going, fab author of some of my favourite books ever (Garden of Eve, Saint Iggy, Fat Kid Rules the World) is here, right now, to chat about her new book, King of the Screwups (which also rocks, just to keep the theme going). Let’s get this interview started!

What’s your favourite thing about the writing process?

The idea phase is definitely my favorite part. I love when I get hooked into something and I’m so excited about it. There’s so much raw potential when you’re first thinking up the story. Once you get going you have to accommodate things like structure and page count, but when it’s an idea it’s still pure.

What drives you crazy about the writing process?

For me, it’s the stuff that comes afterwards (which isn’t really part of the writing process, but is definitely part of the publishing process) that drives me crazy. Waiting for reviews. Trying to market yourself and your work. Moving from introvert to extrovert whether you want to or not!

What inspired King of the Screwups? What inspires you in general?

I’m inspired by all sorts of things. Sometimes it’s a song or a book that catches my interest. For King of the Screwups it was a single photograph of Liam Gallagher from the band Oasis. He’d just trashed a hotel room and he was standing in the middle of this HUGE mess, yet he managed to look entirely innocent, as if he had no idea how the mess had happened. I loved the photo and the way it made me wonder about his character. He inspired my main character, who is definitely a loveable screwup, so I named him Liam.

Best writing advice you’ve given / received:

Live a good life. Our most authentic writing comes from our experiences, so go out there and experience as much as you can.

Do you have any writing rituals?

No. I wish I had more structure, but I tend to write as the spirit moves me. Lately, I try to start my day by updating my Twitter site and Facebook, just to get my brain and fingers warmed up, but after that it’s hit or miss. Some days I get a lot done and other days… nothing.

Liam struggles with staying true to his talents and his natural identity. Have you ever felt pressure to change something about yourself because others didn’t understand and judged you?

I think we all experience this to some degree when we’re teenagers (unless we’re incredibly self confident at an early age). I always wanted to fit in and often downplayed some of my more nerdy aspects. For example, I’ve always loved astronomy and had a geeky affinity for UFO stories and the like, but I never admitted these in front of my friends. As I’ve gotten older, I’m much less ashamed to admit my inner geek! Continue reading