Daily Archives: May 2, 2009

readergirlz May: Latina Book Month!

May is shaping up to be a month filled with life-affirming, family-themed reads at readergirlz. The featured title, Laura Resau’s Red Glass, is one of the loveliest books I’ve read this year. It’s part romance, part travel story, part coming-of-age-adventure and it’s so poetic. Read my review for all sorts of reasons why you have to pick this book up. And, I must say the list of recommended reads on the FAMILY theme is so appealing that I’ve already ordered a bunch of the titles from my library. I’m feeling the latina beat already…

Here are lots of links to get this month going:

This month’s issue at the readergirlz website, complete with playlist, Q&A with Laura, discussion questions and party ideas.

The readergirlz blog where EVERYTHING happens — most importantly, the discussions all month long.

The roundtable discussion with me, Little Willow, and readergirlz divas, Lorie Ann and Holly.

Join us at the readergirlz blog on Wednesday May 20th, for the live chat with Laura.