Completely random, completely awesome

After a day which caused me to question the sanity of many of the people around me, I’m not sure whether this makes me feel better… or confirms my worst fears about the world. I present:

Ah life… never ceases to astonish, doesn’t it?

Thanks to the always awesome kikistrike blog for the link.


3 thoughts on “Completely random, completely awesome

  1. Talula

    I certainly laughed and giggled. I’m not a follower of You-tube or Facebook, but wanna bet how fast this makes the rounds; becomes a sensation. wonder how long it will be before these guys are on the talkshow circuit and the single ones have a spot on the latest ‘dating’ shows. Thanks for another beautiful start to another day; Talula.

  2. shelfelf Post author

    Intriguing, for sure.

    Glad to have been a part of starting your day right Talula!

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