Daily Archives: May 18, 2009

Guys Lit Wire Book Fair for Boys


Here is something that all book-loving, change-making type people need to know about. Something wonderful is going on over at Guys Lit Wire, the book review site for teen guys. The initiative is called Guys Lit Wire Book Fair for Boys, and you can get involved. Guys Lit Wire has partnered with InsideOUT Writers in LA to launch a fabulous book fair to benefit teen boys in the LA County Juvenile Justice System. The reviewers at Guys Lit Wire put together a list of books that might appeal to a wide range of teen guy readers, of all different interests and reading levels. This wish list has been posted at Powells. This is where you come in. Visit the main Wish List page at Powells, and enter this email address: guyslitwire@gmail.com, to see the list of books, what has been bought and what is still up for donation. Once you’ve selected a book (or books!) you will need to enter a mailing address. Here it is:

Eve Porinchak
5850 Brookline Lane
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Eve is one of the teachers at IOW, and she is receiving the books. The Book Fair will be running for about a week and a half more. It is such a worthy cause, and there have already been so many purchases made. If you do choose to buy a book, be sure to visit Guys Lit Wire to share what you’ve bought.

If you have any questions, read Colleen’s Official Announcement at Guys Lit Wire. It’s all there. Help to make this event an even greater success!

Zen Monday: Picture + Poem


The Morning After the Wedding

Candles blown out,
lace and promises
just whispers
with guests long gone.

Vows face the first day
so much smaller
than they seemed

Cast into the open,
one glittering handful
of hope
finds a place
to rest

and life goes on.

(Photo by Shockmotion).