Zen Monday: Picture + Poem



With so much new
all the time
it’s easy to lose track
of the old things.

Ancient walls crumbling underground,
letters tied up in dusty ribbon,
broken artifacts asleep
inside labeled boxes,
songs hummed by grandmothers,
yellowed photographs of faces
no one knows

All these old things,
mysteries, fragments
left behind.

Stories are everywhere,
patient neighbors
to everyday matters.

You have to listen
and even then
secrets generations old
have a way of staying
locked in silence,
all that intrigue and loss and
love worn away
to the barest whisper,
a golden trace
against the dark.

(Copyright K. Millar 2009. Please do not reprint without permission).

(Photo by Celine Nadeau).


One thought on “Zen Monday: Picture + Poem

  1. Dragon Lady

    What a beautiful picture and poem and so appropriate for today as I pack up our house to move, finding the childrens’ old drawings and writings from school; the last jewellry my mother wore; my father’s curling hat that he wore in the Brier; my penpal’s letters from 30 years ago…funny what we save to keep memories alive.

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