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readergirlz June Events

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This month, the theme at readergirlz is “Truth,” and the featured title is one of the most memorable teen books I’ve discovered since I started this blog: Sweethearts by Sara Zarr. There’s lots happening this month to celebrate Sara’s wonderful book.

1) Join in for the LIVE chat on June 17th (6pm PST, 9pm EST) at the readergirlz blog.

2) Share your thoughts at some of the great discussions going on all month long, at the blog.

3) You must read at least one of the particularly amazing postergirl-recommended reads this month. A stunning list (if I do say so myself).

4) One of the themes Sara explores in her book is the traumatic effects of bullying on kids and teens. So check out the organization featured in this month’s Community Service spotlight, bullybust.org. Take the Stand Up pledge.

5) Read this month’s roundtable discussion.

6) Read my review of Sweethearts and my interview with Sara. Isn’t she great?

An added bonus this month is a second LIVE chat to celebrate readergirlz diva Melissa Walker’s newly released title, Lovestruck Summer.

The Lovestruck Summer chat will happen on Tuesday, June 9th at 6pm (PST) at the readergirlz blog.