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scarlett*The giveaway has ended. Thanks for all of your great best/worst hotel stories. If you were one of the winners, you will receive an email to let you know!*

Very very happy to be launching a great giveaway today, for one of my favourite books of the past year, Maureen Johnson’s Suite Scarlett. If you haven’t read it yet, you are SO lucky. It’s completely wonderful fun. If you have read it, you can still enter the giveaway, which is presented in celebration of the book’s paperback release. Here’s a little synopsis:

When Scarlett Martin turns fifteen she is put in charge of the Empire Suite, one of the rooms in her family’s hotel. Enter Mrs. Amberson, an aging C-list starlet who decides to employ Scarlett. Soon, she is taking dictation, running around New York City , and getting caught up in Mrs. Amberson’s crazy adventures. In the midst of it all, Scarlett falls in love–or so she thinks–and it takes Mrs. Amberson to help her see the light.

Let’s put it this way… I couldn’t trust a person who wasn’t crazy about this book. You will love it. Here’s a little video of Maureen Johnson, answering some questions about her book:

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One Grand Prize winner will receive:

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* a Suite Scarlett paperback book

Four First Prize winners will receive:

* a Suite Scarlett paperback book

All you need to do is drop off a comment, sharing your best or worst hotel story ever. Winners will be announced sometime during the first week of July. Visit for more on the book.


32 thoughts on “Suite Scarlett Giveaway

  1. Cheri Hage

    Well, it was a pricey B & B, actually. Owner was away, assistant not too professional. When hubby & I arrived (it was to commemorate our Anniversary..) at 4p.m., check-in time, the Inn was closed. We had prepaid so this made us nervous. We called the number we were given and spoke to the out-of- town owner who assured us her assistant was, in fact there waiting for us. Finally, a bedragled woman let us in. We had a lovely evening exploring the area and dinner at a nice restaurant. Back at the Inn we met a few others who were staying there as well. The assistant locked up and left for the night. At 4 a.m. we were awakened by a shrill alarm. We imagined it was a fire but investigating, we found an alarm clock in the next room that had been set for 4:oo tho the room was unoccupied. We turned it off and retreated. It dawned on us that the ‘assistant’ was probably taking a nap (in the luxurious surroundings) the afternoon we arrived and had set the alarm to wake her up for our arrival. .but she mistakenly set the alarm for 4a.m. instead of p.m. and, of course, slept thru our knocking and ringing the front doorbell. That’s why she looked tired when she eventually let us in.
    Next morning at breakfast, the assistant served us an eggbake she had cooked and I found a long hair baked in it. She hung around us as we ate and wanted to chat away, giving us no privacy. And she talked like, well, you know the term “white trash”? It was no fun to be around her, really. After breakfast we fled to our room to escape her and could hear her playing a radio loudly somewhere. It was not the relaxing, Romantic experience we had hoped for. We ended up leaving early so we could go home and get some sleep, and peace and quiet. (and we had four kids at home to greet us !) How silly is that ?!

  2. thereadingzone

    My best hotel experience was in Dublin, Ireland. I stayed at the Mt. Herbert Hotel, a small, cozy place. And I got engaged right down the street!


  3. Kimmie

    My best hotel experience happened in Punta Cana, where we were upgraded to the honeymoon suite because our room wasn’t ready on arrival! Given star treatment all week!

    Why don’t all hotels try this hard?

  4. Paradox

    My best hotel experience was at a Holiday Inn during a vacation when I was 7 or 8. Some of my cousins were there too, and we ate a lot of pizza, talked about ESP, and they taught me how to use vending machines to my advantage (I won’t say any more than that.) It was also the place where I overcame my fear of the deep end of pools. There was also a skating area and our room had a balcony looking over the indoor pool.

  5. Melissa (Book Nut)

    There was the time in Atlanta when we got snowed in (it happens), and we tried camping out at the airport (with two little kids, ages 5 and 2), which didn’t work. So, at about 2:30 a.m., we caught the first shuttle bus to the first hotel (it didn’t matter which one, but it happened to be a Sheraton), intending to crash in the lobby. After about 20 minutes of the children bouncing (literally) around the lobby a kind concierge said, “I don’t think these reservations are going to be filled. Would you like a room?” Honestly, I have never been so grateful for darkness and a bed in my life. Best five hours of sleep we got.

  6. scoomer

    My best hotel story/experience is when we stayed at the Seattle Waterfront Marriot. The view, service and rooms were exceptional. The food wasn’t bad either. We got to relax and spend time together in a beautiful place!

    heatheranne99 at hotmail dot com

  7. Erin

    Hmm…best hotel story…well, I’m at this really nice resort in AZ right now, and so far I’ve had two out-of-state friends visit, and so I’m already really attached to this place cause good things have happened here. Plus, the view of desert and cacti (and THE ENORMOUS POOL) is gorgeous.

  8. Megan

    My worst hotel experiences, took place in maryland. I was going to visit my cousin at Washington College in Chestertown Maryland. I was with my family which includes my mother, brother and father. My mother thought she was booking a room in a courtyard Marriot, instead it was just the Courtyard hotel. However it was not a hotel, it was actually a motel that resembled the bates motel from psycho. The room was dirty and the area was in the middle of two huge cornfields which made it even scarier. I did not get much sleep that night.

  9. Tasses

    I have lots of hotel horror stories, but I’ll stay on the positive side by mentioning the hotel on Cat Island in the Bahamas. It was a cute little bungalow right on the ocean with a shower outside covered by a palm frond roof. There was a swinging hammock and no electricity. Pure island. No lights, no noise.

  10. Holly

    Best hotel story? There are two many to count! But I have a really funny one. I went on a retreat with my youth group right around New Years, and I was roomed with two of my really good friends from school. Just down the hall were one of the most popular guys at our school was rooming with our youth leader and his dad. In the middle of the night, while everyone else was asleep, the guy down the hall called us and told us to meet him downstairs, and that he wanted to run around the hotel. Myself and my roommates knew we’d get in major trouble, so we went out in the hall and tried to call him back, making sure our shaporone didn’t realize we were gone. Then, we realized he was standing three floors down in the lobby, and got a really good idea. He wasn’t answering his phone, so we went into the room and grabbed our ice bucket, which was filled with half melted, freezing water. We dumped it on him, and it soaked him from three floors up. We ran back into the room and fell asleep giggling. It was a HILARIOUS experience that we still laugh at.

  11. Sylvia

    This hotel experience of mine was both good and bad. Once me and my friends arrived at the hotel, we decided we want to swim, so we decided to just “search” for it instead of ask someone if there really is one. We started on the 3rd floor, by stairs, and checked every floor, all 24 (i think) of them. It was so exhausting, but really fun at the same time:) At the end, we never found the pool, but it was an “adventure” worth remembering! Thanks for holding this contest, I hope I win:)

  12. Joleena

    Growing up, I never really had my own room. So, when I wanted to have a slumber party for my 11th birthday, it was going to be kind of difficult to do. My mother had a brilliant idea to get a room at a hotel and have 8 girls sleep over. We played games, watched movies, and did pranks on each other. I woke up the next morning with toothpaste in my hair, but it still turned out to be one of my most memorable birthdays to date.

  13. Anne

    Mine is a hostel story, not a hotel exactly. It was in London, and they had squeezed people into 3 tiered bunkbeds, which meant we had NO ROOM, not even enough to sit up. Also there were 10 people in the room, some of whom snored very loudly. To make it all the better, this was in FEbruary when they had a snowstorm, and the city shut down for a day and a half, because no one could deal with snow – apparently had never heard f a shovel. So that meant more time in the cramped hostel. Lots of fun.

  14. Allison

    Hmm… my worst hotel story was when my family stopped at a crappy hotel during a road trip, and there were spiders in the bed sheets! D: I was so freaked out that I slept in the car.

  15. Rob Charron

    Hi 🙂
    Thanks for holding this great contest for a delicious book by a stupendous author: Maureen Johnson!
    Best hotel story I have is when my friend, Jennifer, and I drove 23 hours down I=75 and got to our hotel, our reservation for 2 separate rooms was gone! So they gave us the Honeymoon Suite for the price of ONE single.
    PS That night our friendship became something more which is why it is my best hotel story ever.
    Love From Canada

  16. Jerrica

    Let’s see..worst hotel story ever.

    We were staying in this really nice hotel, my family and my friend’s family. My friend and I were dressed for a water park, you know, jean cut-offs, a tank top, with a bikini under it? But then there was a thunderstorm warning and our parents said that we couldn’t go. Of course, we got all hyped for it so we had all this energy we needed to waste. I don’t exactly know why, but one of us came up with the bright idea to play in the revolving doors. It was fun at first, but it quickly ended when another guest got stuck in our vicious circle of enjoyment and quickly complained to the staff once he got out. We were yanked out of the revolving doors and put in an office. They didn’t even believe that we were staying at the hotel, they thought we were just hooligans. Finally we convinced them to call our parents and get us, but the woman who got us still gave us evil looks whenever we were in the lobby. Needless to say we didn’t linger.

  17. Rachel

    Yay! Fun contest!

    My best hotel experience actually wasn’t because of the hotel. It was because of the people I spent it with.
    For my eighteenth birthday, my mom didn’t have the money for a party. My older sister (by ten years) and her best friend saved their money to take me to a hotel in New York for a week.
    Our days were spent eating room-service and in the lush restaurants around the hotel. It was close to Central Park, so we could walk there and we would just walk around the park and hang out.
    Our nights were spent jumping up and down on our beds and eating insane amounts of junk food. I believe I gained approximately five pounds on that trip. -_- But it was all worth it. We stayed up till four or five in the morning (quietly) talking. Many tears were shed, but smiles were exchanged as well.

    So…yeah. 😀 I hope I win the contest! Here’s to hoping!

  18. Megan

    My best hotel story:
    A few months back, I was asked my my stepnan to babysit a couple of her niece’s children. They were adorable, they were British, and they were living in a hotel. Now, technically I was NOT staying in this hotel, but you asked for hotel stories, not stories about staying in hotels. Just clarifying this. Now, Scah-lett and Zahch-a-ray (spelled by pronunciation) were about six and eight, I think.
    I spent most of two nights racing them down the hallways, playing lift/elevator games, and fighting over the correct name for Lays potato chips. Chips, not crisps. They taught me how to play Uno, and I taught them how to play nicky-nicky nine doors, and it was just all-around fun. 🙂
    (Not to mention the fact that their father was ADORABLE, and had the accent as well.)
    To this day, my friend who helped me out and I still talk about those kids, and hope they’ll come back someday.

  19. Valerie

    My best hotel experience…
    When I was in the UK for a student amabassador program we stayed in this really nice hotel in Wales. It was sooo nice but really big. One night we had free time to just chill, go to the gym, swim, or shop in the stores that were in the hotel. Well, my friends and I decided that we would just roam the hotel and see what’s in it. After walking through 10 stories we got the the roof. Normally they don’t let people on the roof of hotels but we walked by management and asked and they said yes. When we got to the roof we stood and just looked and the beautiful view. About 10minutes later, we saw fireworks. Why there were fireworks, I have no idea. But after the roof, we started back toward the shops and instead of going the same way we came, we decided to take a different way. We ended up getting lost for about an hour and were 30minutes late for the time we were supposed to be back in our room. Itwas a fun adventure though 🙂

  20. Shannon

    My worst hotel experience started and ended in Disneyland. See, every year my school took their video media program to a competition called STN. We were quite good, and we placed nearly every year for something. Anyway, the competition was held at the Disney Resort. With so many teachers around, the only time us students were alone was in the elevators. These elevators were super fun because when you are going from ground level to the seventh floor, it tends to go over the speed limit (at least as far as elevators go). So every day after working on our videos, five to ten of us would pile into the elevator, and as it reach the peak of its travel, we would jump. We managed to do it seven times before it broke. and when I say broke, I mean it got one corner of the box wedged in the shaft, so we were completely stopped, and at an angle. As if that wasn’t scary enough, one kid from my class had just gone on the Hollywood Tower of Terror the day prior, and he was screaming “OH MY LANTA! WERE GUNNA DIE! WERE GUNNA BE LIKE THEM PEOPLE ON THE TERROR RIDE! WERE GUNNA GO TO THE TWILIGHT ZONE!”. Apparently, where some people have panic attacks and faint, some people must get panic attacks and forget to use proper English. The entire ten minutes in there was scary, and the rest of the trip with my enraged teacher was even scarier. The End.

  21. Navkiran

    Ahh, my worst hotel experience? Hahaha, it was so bad, that it’s just a great story to tell now! So, my family had gone all the way to LA (a seven hour drive from where we live) to go to a wedding and that sounds bad already, right? The worst part is that my siblings and I didn’t even KNOW whose wedding it was and the wedding was of some Indian distant family members or something. We’re Indian too and we’ve been to plenty of Indian events and weddings, etc. One thing we know about Indians is that… sometimes they work with their own designated time system (let’s call it… Indian Standard Time, or IST).

    So, what we were going to do was go to the wedding in the morning, rent a hotel, relax there a bit before the reception, and also, spend the night in the hotel before heading back home. So, we went to the wedding where the wedding party themselves, were late about an hour. How ridiculous.

    Then, after the wedding, we drove around for TWO HOURS in this really dodgy LA area (near where the reception is; we wanted to stay near the building) and we went to at least four hotels and in the end, we chose the first hotel we visited. Let’s just say, it was pretty much absolutely horrible. The kind of place where random things are stained and gross, and there’s like odd blotches on the ceiling. o__o And that was the best hotel we found! Haha.

    Then, we got ready for the reception and we went an HOUR late, considering they had been late for their own wedding, they’ll probably be late to their reception. And they were. Even though we arrived an hour later than mentioned in the invitation, they were still an hour or two late. On top of that, we had to spend that night in the hotel.

    It was ALL bad. Hahaha.

  22. Joanna

    I watched a Lifetime movie in a hotel in the middle of nowhere. There was nothing else to do. It was the best Lifetime movie I’ve ever seen and the only hotel experience I can recall at the moment so I guess it is my best experience.

  23. Christine

    Back in February my friends and I had a spur of the moment trip to Las Vegas. We decided to stay over at the cheapest hotel we could find. It was perfectly fine, though a little cramped, until we decided to go sight seeing. There was something wrong with the elevator and no matter how many times we pushed the down button, the elevator wouldn’t come. We sat there bored out of our minds for 10 min. before we decided to go down the stairs.

    We were near the top floor so going down them was a pain. Each floor in the stairwell looked the same so by the time I got to the bottom I was really dizzy. Needless to say, next time we go on an unplanned trip we’re going to go to the second cheapest hotel.

  24. Cait

    My best hotel experience is not just one, because when I think about being in a hotel my family comes to mind. I love spending vacation with my mom, dad, brother, aunt, uncle, and two cousins. We fight most of the time, and one of us always ended up getting hurt. (Usually me, since I’ve been the only girl for a long time.) The thing that stinks out in my mind the most though is when my father decided to jump into the pool from the second floor. At that moment it was probably the worst experience, but now that I think about it, it was HILARIOUS seeing my (fat) daddy soaring through the air from the second floor and belly-flopping into the lovely pool (after it was closed for three hours.)
    The worst hotel moment for my family was on that same trip. My cousin dared my brother to go outside and scream something at the people in the pool, and my darling cousin thought it was a good idea to slam and lock the door so he couldn’t chicken out, but my brother hardly made it through the door. He got smacked in the face and was gushing blood from his eyebrow, and I’m not great with blood. I’m also not great with seeing my brother in pain, he’s a jerk… but I love him.

  25. Ashley

    Worst hotel experience (though it’s really not that bad) was going to all-state chorus. We stayed at a Hyatt hotel that was, like, 18 stories tall. The problem was that there were so many people flooding the elevators at the same time, you had to wait forever just to get in one. D: And they were always crowded.

  26. Renee

    So, my sister and I were probably 13 and 8 respectively. My parents had decided to go to a football game and got a hotel room near the stadium. It was a pet-friendly hotel, so we were able to take our Cocker Spaniel, Duffy. My parents left to go to the game and my sister and I were being mischievous and sneaking out into the hallway to play with the elevator. You know, being kids. Well. We locked ourselves out of the room. I freaked out and wasn’t sure what to do. Especially since we were both in our pajamas and had no shoes on.

    So, after regaining my courage, I went downstairs and asked the front desk clerk for a new room key. He gave me one without even asking how we got locked out. I guess he had probably seen it happen before.

    However, 30 minutes later we were back playing in the hallway again (we were such horrid brats!) when suddenly the fire alarm went off. I thought we had set it off by doing something. I wasn’t scared and not sure what to do. We grabbed the dog and ran downstairs, dragging the dog down the stairs as the elevator was disabled. There we are, standing outside of this hotel in Columbia, SC in our nightgowns and our cocker spaniel. Luckily it was just a fire in the laundry room and it was simple to put out and we were able to go back to the room. But that was one of the most interesting hotel stories I have.

  27. Lyndsey

    The worst hotel experience I’ve ever had was when my mom and I went to Glasgow last year. Not only did we have the worst GPS money could buy, and a junk car, but we arrived at this hotel that we picked at random in an online search, and the place was falling apart. It had been remodeled, but you could see rotted wood behind the kind of crumbled walls, the floors were all uneven so that you could barely open some of the doors, and everything smelled awful. None of the surfaces in the room looked like they’d ever been cleaned, and there were hairs on the sheets as well as stains on the comforters.

    Needless to say, we only stayed one night and left first thing in the morning. But only after we and several other people were refused breakfast because they shut the kitchen early.

  28. gaby

    My best AND worst hotel story happpened on the same trip. I was around 10 when my aunt and uncle, three of my cousins and I went to a beach nearby and decided to stay in the only hotel in front of the beach.
    The rooms were just a couple of logs tied together and they tried to pass them as a hotel. We looked around and were mostly shocked. When my aunt asked if they could have a key to lock the doors if they wanted to go out dancing and leave us there they said they didn’t have any, hah. We turned around and left, but before that they charged us two dollars because my younger cousin had used the bathroom!
    We drove around for a couple of hours and couldn’t find any hotel so we drove near a motel, my uncle went first to make sure it wasn’t so bad, but it turned out no other couples were umm… needing a room that day. So we had the whole motel for us. Our room had a bed and a sofa bed then the guys who worked there got us another bed so we could all sleep comfortably. We were just marveled at the HUGE bathroom, and at the fact that the room had SO many mirrors on the wall and on the ceiling. Then in the morning we got the best tacos I ever tasted and we swam in the swimming pool for a couple of hours. A bit gross now that I remember it but back then it was the funniest trip we ever had.

  29. nxg920

    My best hotel story has to be when I was on a school trip to Europe. We went to Dublin first and arrived at our hotel. Four of us were rooming together. We walked in and to our right, we saw the bathroom–French doors leading to a huge bathroom with a nice tub and shower. Then we walked in a bit saw only one queen size bed. “Um, we only have the one bed?” we thought. But then we walked in just a bit more.

    Yes, there was a queen size bed, dresser, desk and huge closet, but on the other side of the wall there were two twin beds, a dining room table with 6 chairs, a couch, two chairs and a tv. There were also really nice window seats so you could sit next to the window.

    We were the only people in our tour group with a suite and everyone else was very jealous! Of course, after that, we eneded up with probably the tinest room at the hotel in Wales…

  30. Manar H

    I don’t have any PARTICULARLY good hotel stories…But I suppose that my favorite one would be about the time that I was with a few friends at a competition.
    It was a school-sanctioned state level competition, so there were only seven students and three teachers on the trip.
    Because it was an academic competition, several of my friends and I spent most of our time in the hotel studying together in one of our hotel rooms. However, three of us took frequent breaks to commit acts of tomfoolery in the elevators.
    We varied our routines, but we did the following the most:
    Two of us entered the elevator at the topmost floor, heading for the lobby. We figured that this way we would get to share the elevator with the largest amount of people, since it was likely that people would get on and off of the elevator in the intervening floors (or perhaps, a multitude of people would simply be headed for the lobby). I held a phone book and began reciting the names of businesses. My companion calmly recited the telephone number of each specific business back to me. Of course, he simply made up seven digit numbers, and I acted as if he was correct. This served to mystify anyone who was riding the elevator with us, because why would anyone want to memorize the telephone book? Then, the third member of our crew would enter the elevator at about the fifth floor, and make straight for a corner of the elevator. He would then stand absolutely straight and still as he fiercely glared at a corner of the elevator while muttering incomprehensible gibberish.
    So yeah…that was a fun trip…

  31. Ninja Fanpire

    Best hotel experience? I think it was probably the time when I went to (sorry don’t remember the name) this one hotel where there was this leadership conference. Well, I got to stay in a room with my best friend, all by ourselves, so it was pretty good to start out with. The best part wasn’t the bed, or how clean the room was. It was the breakfast. So, my friend (whom we shall call Natahka), Natahka, and I go to get us some breakfast. And we discovered The Secret Breakfast Room Of Awesome. Why? They made custom omelets. There was a list of everything you could possibly want (if you are normal) on an omelet. Plus they also had pancakes (or was it waffles?) and bacon you could get with it. So you tell them what you want on your omelet, and they cook it up right there in front of you. I don’t think I have ever been to a hotel before where they custom made an omelet for me. It was pure, delicious, awesome.

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