Zen Monday: Picture + Poem

Been out of the habit of this the past few weeks. So here we go!


Recipe for a Fairy Glen

Before you begin,
you’ll need quiet and fading light,
(almost dusk is best)
and a whimsical frame of mind.

Sweep away
all traces of melancholy
trapped under small stones.
Scatter trees,
tall, slender-trunked and leafy.
Brush egg-blue sky between
the tallest branches.
Cover the earth with wildflowers.
Weave a path through the grass
for midnight visitors.
Dot with nooks,
hidden spots and strange treasures
in stranger places:
one flame red feather,
a snip of velvet ribbon,
something that glitters.

A whisper of wing beats
will tell you it’s ready,
rustling bluebells
say it’s time to leave the rest
to magic.

Thanks to Tricia for inspiring me with her Recipe Poetry Stretch.

(Copyright K. Millar, 2009. Please do not reprint without permission).

(Photo by Today is a good day on Flickr).


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