Give Up the Ghost

ghostDebut author and Class of 2k9 member Megan Crewe is all set to launch her YA paranormal novel, Give Up the Ghost in September. In fact, I’ll bet Megan could teach a seminar for new authors on how to promote a novel. She’s got lots of cool stuff happening right now as she prepares to send her story out there into the world. Take a look:

First, an amazingly cool giveaway where you can win great books (including Megan’s, of course), sitckers, bookmarks, a Chinese lantern, and ghost scents (that is such a creative idea – go Megan!). All you have to do is spill a secret by August 24th.

Fun widgets for your blog and website.

The Unofficial Soundtrack to the novel to get you in the ghostly mood.

A character quiz.

The trailer, made by Miss Megan herself. Impressive:

Megan is even cool enough to post seemingly simple instructions for how to make your own book trailer.

And finally, you’ve got one more day (till August 13th) to sign up to be a part of 1 ARC Tours for Give Up the Ghost. By signing up, you’ve put yourself on a waiting list to receive, read, review and pass on 1 ARC of Megan’s book. (Open only to readers in the U.S. Phooey!)

So now, I suppose we should get to the book itself, and why it’s worth reading.

Cass McKenna would rather hang out with ghosts than “breathers.” This is because she’s found ghosts won’t betray you the way living people can. A side benefit to keeping company with the dead is that ghosts can find out all of the dirty secrets that the cool kids try to hide. Cass takes these secrets and plots the best moment to expose them. This set up gives Cass power, but it also makes her unpopular and labels her a freak. No one can figure out how Cass knows what she knows. Until Tim. When Tim, VP of the student council and member of the cool crowd, figures out what Cass can do, he tries to convince her to help him contact his recently deceased mom. As she makes a connection with the living for the first time in a while, Cass is forced to rethink hiding with the ghosts.

One of the most interesting parts of this book is the fact that a lot of the time, you won’t like Cass very much. Sure, she’s damaged and you recognize this and feel sorry for her, but she is prickly and vindictive and that makes it hard to feel wholly sympathetic towards her. I like a character that isn’t immediately likeable. The ghosts are well-developed characters too, especially Paige, Cass’s sister, and Norris, her best-ghost friend at school. You can understand why Cass finds it difficult to want to abandon their company for living and breathing peers. I liked the fact that you’ve got a character who isn’t freaked out by this strange ability, and in fact, finds it hard to let go of it. Crewe succeeds in offering readers a look at how loss changes people and can trap and isolate them, and how hard it is to come back to life after loss.

Give Up the Ghost is released in September, by Henry Holt. Megan Crewe will be here for an interview in the next few weeks.


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