Daily Archives: September 25, 2009

Poetry Friday: Things


I have sleep on the brain. Three weeks of days filled with 33 nine-year olds has finally caught up with me. I am exhausted already. They’re the cutest kids imaginable, but gosh, they take a lot out of a girl. This weekend will involve an escape to the north and a lot of time spent dozing in a hammock. Here’s a poem that keeps coming back to sleeping.

Things – by William J. Smith

Trains are for going,
Boats are for rowing,
Seeds are for sowing,
Noses for blowing,
And sleeping’s for bed.

Dogs are for pawing,
Logs are for sawing,
Crows are for cawing,
Rivers for thawing,
And sleeping’s for bed.

Flags are for flying,
Stores are for buying,
Glasses for spying,
Babies for crying,
And sleeping’s for bed.

Cows are for mooing,
Chickens for shooing,
Blue is for bluing,
Things are for doing,
And sleeping’s for bed…

Read the rest at Poetry Foundation.

(And no, this poem has nothing to do with adorable kittens. I just needed a picture of one to keep me awake right now. Thanks to Nathonline’s flickr stream for the kitty pic).