Daily Archives: September 26, 2009

Authors who are also great bloggers

Some of my favourite blogs in the kidlitosphere are those written by authors of books for kids and young adults. Today’s post is a shout-out to some of my most-visited author-blogs, featuring links to a few of their most impressive posts of late.

First up. Mitali Perkins, who blogs at Mitali’s Fire Escape. Reasons to love Mitali’s blog:

  • She’s always highlighting books and authors of diverse backgrounds, interests and histories. I’ve discovered so many wonderful authors I had never read via her blog.
  • Mitali writes with great insight about issues of multiculturalism, class and ethnicity and how those topics intersect with children’s literature.
  • She is a remarkable tweeter – a gifted and frequent twitterer. Follow her on twitter.
  • I am a big fan of one of her newish additions to her blog, “Twelve Second Questions,” in which she asks a question in… 12 seconds. These are good questions folks. Juicy questions. Then she invites you to share your opinions, because that’s just the kind of gal Mitali is.

Next in line… Lisa Yee! Lisa blogs at The Lisa Yee Blog. (Quel coincidence!) Reasons to love Lisa’s blog:

  • Lisa’s blog has SO many pictures. That may not seem super impressive or interesting, but I find that the photos on her blog are often hilarious, and they offer us such a glimpse into her life, the author’s life. That’s really one of the best aspects of Lisa’s blog. You feel as you read it that you really get an understanding of a writer’s life. There are all sorts of behind-the-scenes moments and industry sneak-peeks. Lisa shows you a lot. I mean, look at all of these pictures.
  • Lisa’s dog. Holy cow her dog is cute. (Sorry – I am such an impossibly enthusiastic dog person that I had to devote a bullet to appreciation of Lisa’s pooch. Look at this photo. Am I right, or what?)
  • Finally, Peepy. There are no words. Peepy must be experienced. Click here.

Another of my regular stops is Beth Kephart Books. Reasons to love Beth’s blog:

  • Gorgeous writing. No surprise, since Beth’s books are gorgeous. But it’s rare to find a blog that reads as if the writer spent a lot of time considering how to say what she wants to say, in just the right way. That’s Beth. Just the right words in just the right way. Here’s a tiny perfect post I could read a whole lot of times. Even the title is rich enough to ponder.
  • She shares what inspires her, like this video of the children of Anapra, giving us a peek into her process of story creation.
  • It’s full of wisdom and opinions and scenes from life. And the photos. Beautiful.

I’m thinking I might make this a feature: Great Author/Bloggers. Thanks to Lisa and Mitali and Beth for writing books and blogs for us too!