readergirlz October: Libba Bray & The Sweet Far Thing

rgz ad October 2009

Big month at readergirlz in October! There is so much going on, and at the heart of it all is Libba Bray, the author of The Sweet Far Thing, the featured title this month.

Hang out with Libba, the readergirlz, the divas and postergirlz at the readergirlz blog all month long for great discussions and then join in the rgz LIVE chat with Libba on October 28th. Learn more about Libba and be amazed by the accolades her series has received by checking out this post at the rgz blog. I’m pretty sure that October 28th will be one of the busiest (and funniest) chats we’ve had. Why funny? Well, take a look at Libba, promoting her new book Going Bovine:

The Sweet Far Thing is the final book in Libba’s Gemma Doyle Trilogy, which is completely captivating (and really long – a delicious combination for us lucky readers). Here’s the a trailer from Borders:

One question for those who know the books: what’s with the Kartik actor here? First… doesn’t look Indian to me. Second, not really gorgeous, as I had imagined him. Something to ask Libba about at the chat perhaps?

Three cheers for October at readergirlz! It’s going to be a great month.


1 thought on “readergirlz October: Libba Bray & The Sweet Far Thing

  1. Mechelle Fogelsong

    Oh man. I just finished reading GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY on Sunday. Immediately I hit the road, drove through a snowstorm on icy streets to B&N, and snatched up copies of REBEL ANGELS and SWEET FAR THING. Couldn’t go through the rest of my Sunday without reading these fantastic books!

    I recently did a blog post on GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY too. Wow. What a talent, this author, Libba Bray!

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