Poetry Friday: Thanksgiving Magic

It’s Thanksgiving for Canucks this weekend. I’m off up to my mom’s cottage for our dinner. As the family’s only one-time pastry chef, I’m responsible for dessert. I’ll be making pumpkin cheesecake (this recipe, I think). I like the last line in this poem, “magic made by cooks.” Here’s hoping my cheesecake is magic.

Thanksgiving Magic – by Rowena Bastin Bennett

Thanksgiving Day I like to see
Our cook perform her witchery.
She turns a pumpkin into pie
As easily as you or I
Can wave a hand or wink an eye.
She takes leftover bread and muffin
And changes them to turkey stuffin’.
She changes cranberries to sauce
And meats to stews and stews to broths;
And when she mixes gingerbread
It turns into a man instead
With frosting collar ’round his throat
And raisin buttons down his coat.
Oh, some like magic made by wands,
And some read magic out of books,
And some like fairy spells and charms
But I like magic made by cooks!

( Poem from Poetry Foundation. Photo © Rodolfo Cartas for openphoto.net CC:Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial)

5 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Thanksgiving Magic

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  2. Mary Lee Hahn

    I agree, the magic made by cooks is the best. And as one of the cooking magicians, I love the response of my audience almost more than the yummies I make — their moans of pleasure are my greatest reward!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. shelfelf Post author

    Laura – funny! I think my husband feels the same way re the tight jeans!

    Thanks for the Happy Thanksgiving wishes!

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