Now I wanna read it: other folks’ reviews


Here are a few reviews I’ve read this weekend that make me want to read the books (a lot):

Jen Robinson on Love, Aubrey. The lines that got me: Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur brought tears to my eyes. It made me wonder “why am I putting myself through being so sad about characters that aren’t even real?” And yet, doesn’t that tell you that it’s a wonderful book, a book with three-dimensional characters, so real that I cried over them?

Sarah Miller on Here’s How I See It, Here’s How it Is. The line that got me: This is a book anyone can love, but given Junebug’s ping-ponging between her dreams (Here’s How I See It) and reality (Here’s How It Is) I’m betting fans of Linda Urban’s A Crooked Kind of Perfect in particular will find a friend indeed in this plunge into the performing arts.

Laini Taylor on Ice. The lines that got me: Sarah Beth Durst has folded an amazing amount of research on the frozen Northern world into this tale, to the point that I emailed to ask her (jokingly), if she had been raised on an Arctic research station. The level of detail into the environment, the mixture of science and fantasy, is absolutely to my taste.

Colleen on Ash. The lines that got me: Ash is a very subtle tale of grief and longing that requires a quiet read; it is not about hot passion so much as a cool appraisal of life’s tragedies and decisions to survive. There is a happily ever after here, but it is found in Ash’s decision to live and love and find happiness. That she makes unconventional choices will just endear her even more to her readers and elevates Ash high above the standard fare. Read this one as the leaves fall and the weather changes; it is a perfect autumn tale that will haunt you long after the last page is turned.

Abby on Leviathan. The lines that got me:’s unlike anything else I’ve ever read. I’m not saying I’m all that well-read, but it’s definitely nice to read something different. If it reminded me of anything, it was Airborn, which I LOVED. It’s the same kind of adventure story in a really interesting alternate history. Oh, and there are airships. *nods*

Any others I can’t miss? Drop off a comment.


3 thoughts on “Now I wanna read it: other folks’ reviews

  1. shelfelf Post author

    You’re ALWAYS making me want to read books Jen. Thank you! Yes – I loved Laini’s quote too. Good thing Sarah is sending me Ice right now. Cannot wait. Love Aubrey is in my pile from the library. Where to start?

  2. Jen Robinson

    The where to start thing is always hard. I have ICE on my shelf, too. And I’m intrigued by Leviathan, too, of course. But don’t have that one on hand, so it’s going to have to wait. So many book… So little time.

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