Daily Archives: October 19, 2009

World Spinning

You know the kind of day when it’s 8:30pm and you’re just now realizing that you really haven’t done one single thing just for yourself, or taken even a second to contemplate a remotely whimsical thought?

That’s today.

You get me. I know you do.

(well… harumph).

I was just listening to a mix and I heard this song which I love but had forgotten about:

Even better with blue plasticine monster.

Now I am going to close down my computer and eat mini Oh Henry bars in the bathtub while reading this:


Take that world!


readergirlz goes fantastical: Teen Read Week Day 1


It all starts tonight for Teen Read Week. This evening’s author chat theme: Beyond Imagination.

And look who’s coming:

Justina Chen Headley

Alyson Noël

Zoë Marriott

To get you in the spirit, here are a few interviews:

Justina, here at Shelf Elf

Alyson, over at Little Willow’s

Zoë, at The Compulsive Reader

Tonight you get to chat with these ladies live at the readergirlz blog. Yay for Teen Read Week!