Daily Archives: October 22, 2009

readergirlz goes fantastical: Teen Read Week Day 4


Teen Read Week Day 4 at readergirlz. That’s today!

I may be a tired Elf, burning the midnight oil here in Canada to participate in the chats, but I’m a smiley Elf. It’s so much fun hanging out with such talented authors and lovely readergirlz, chatting about fantastic books. Join us please! (Just keep drinking coffee and we’re all going to make it!)

Tonight is another amazing lineup: readergirlz diva Melissa Walker, Cassandra Clare and Patrick Ness. Going to be good.

Here are a few teaser treats:

Melissa, at a fab feature all about her at M.I.S.S.

Cassandra, at Cynsations

Patrick’s Q&A at Publishers Weekly

Seriously. We are dripping with talent here. Don’t miss it.