TBR: Runemarks

I’ve been eyeing Joanne Harris’s Runemarks for quite a while now. I’ve read great reviews and very lukewarm reviews. Still, today I bought it because it is finally in paperback. I’ve read a couple of Harris’s adult titles, and for me, they are perfect books to read when you just feel like a satisfying story that doesn’t take much out of you and leaves you feeling that all’s well with the world.

Here’s a trailer:

Which cover do you prefer?


Funny – totally different designs. I think the paperback (first one) has a lot more kid appeal. Apparently Harris is working on a sequel, Runelight.

If you’ve reviewed the book, drop off a link in the comments and I’ll add it into this post.

2 thoughts on “TBR: Runemarks

  1. Celia

    Hope you enjoy this! I read it in hardcover, and I have to say that I didn’t think the cover art and the tone of the story matched. I picked it up for the cover though…so perhaps that’s the catch? Cover will draw you in…then you’ll read the story.
    That said, I loved the book. I still think about it, and in my head it’s like an onion – layers peeling back with meaning and myth and fantasy. I recently convinced my sister, who teaches 9th grade English, to buy a copy for her classroom. She’s already gotten one reluctant male reader devouring it, and many more to come. 🙂

    Happy reading!

  2. shelfelf Post author

    Thanks for your endorsement Celia! It makes me want to get to it straight away. You know you’ve read something worthwhile if you’re still thinking about it.

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