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readergirlz’s knockout November lineup

If you thought that all of the special events at readergirlz got used up in October, with our amazing week of live chats for Teen Read Week and the featured chat with Ms. Libba Bray, well… think again. November is another stellar month at readergirlz. Check it out:

rgz ad November 2009

In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, our featured author this month is Marlene Carvell, whose novel Sweetgrass Basket, is the readergirlz pick. I read it just a few weeks ago. Written in prose poetry in alternating voices, it is the story of two Mohawk sisters who are sent to a residential school. It’s about the power of a strong sisterly bond, and the importance of protecting one’s culture and traditions in the face of oppression. I found it a very moving read. Discussion will be happening all month long at the blog, and the live chat with Marlene will be on Tuesday, November 24th at 6pm PST.

new moon RAVE

On November 21st at 6pm PST at the blog, we’ve got a fun Twilight event planned to coincide with the release of New Moon in theatres. This is sure to be a packed chat – with lots of twihards in attendance!

homecoming 2009

Finally, on November 30th at 6pm PST at the blog, you absolutely must join in the readergirlz RAVE chat Homecoming event. So, so many outstanding authors who have been featured on readergirlz in the past will be joining in that night for a giant live chat. (I cannot even imagine how busy that will be. I’m not sure the chat program will be able to handle the insanity). Here are just some of the people who will be joining us that night: Mary Pearson, Sara Zarr, Laura Resau, Libba Bray, Kristin Cashore, Cecil Castellucci, Ellen Hopkins… and more! Wow. Incredible. That will be a chat to remember.

So pick up Sweetgrass Basket this month and join in at all three of these amazing readergirlz events.




Soap opera in audio form (one cure for feeling yucky)

I have been feeling yucky all week long. Yucky. Achy. Grouchy. Dizzy. Dopey. All that.

So I have been lying in my bed, with cat on my pillow, kleenex clutched in my tiny fist, listening to this:


I will not feel ashamed of my secret delight in this audio soap opera. I know it is over-the-top, formulaic and a little trashy. I really like the pretty dresses on the cover and I’ll bet you do too, so don’t pretend you don’t. The dialogue is killer. For example:

His tone, when he spoke, had a ring of destiny, “I’ll never be so careless with you again.” She inhaled sharply, “It feels more true than ever now, doesn’t it?”

Even the cat can’t wait to find out what will happen next.

10 000


Guess what? This month was my biggest month yet for hits to Shelf Elf. The only reason I mention it is that it feels kind of awesome that from a little wee baby blog with only 68 visitors in month number one, I hit 10 000 visits this month, just over two years later.

The Elf thanks those who visit often.

(Groovy numbers photo from stock.xchng)