Soap opera in audio form (one cure for feeling yucky)

I have been feeling yucky all week long. Yucky. Achy. Grouchy. Dizzy. Dopey. All that.

So I have been lying in my bed, with cat on my pillow, kleenex clutched in my tiny fist, listening to this:


I will not feel ashamed of my secret delight in this audio soap opera. I know it is over-the-top, formulaic and a little trashy. I really like the pretty dresses on the cover and I’ll bet you do too, so don’t pretend you don’t. The dialogue is killer. For example:

His tone, when he spoke, had a ring of destiny, “I’ll never be so careless with you again.” She inhaled sharply, “It feels more true than ever now, doesn’t it?”

Even the cat can’t wait to find out what will happen next.


3 thoughts on “Soap opera in audio form (one cure for feeling yucky)

  1. thereadingzone

    Oh, the Luxe series is my favorite guilty pleasure. I just ordered SPLENDOR and can’t wait to dive into it!


  2. Bella

    I can’t wait to get to it, but I’m still on Rumors (the 2nd book) and your right what caught my eye the most was the dresses. And Splendor’s cover (I love purple) was what dragged me into reading the first novel.

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