To Kindle or not to Kindle…

This morning I read an article in the Globe & Mail by Ian Brown, in which he more or less trashes the Kindle. Towards the end he writes:

I whizzed through four chapters of Twilight on Kindle, inhaling screenfuls of text at a single glance. She’s a very readable writer. But that’s also the secret of Kindle: It’s brilliant for popular stuff, for the kind of genre book that delivers reliable, not-too-radical thrills you can absorb with half your brain elsewhere. Kindle is a marketing gadget that could make the consumption of certain kinds of book more convenient and efficient. Unlike its battery, a life of the mind is not included.

Read the full article here. I’m not getting one (not that I was considering it before reading Brown’s piece). I like books, the old-fashioned way. The only thing that tempts me in this technology is the cut-back on paper consumption. I wonder what the user demographics are with this device? It seems like more younger techy types might want one, but it would be interesting to see who is actually buying them most of the time. Are booklovers and avid readers buying Kindles? Older people who want to take advantage of the text to speech feature?

Any bookworms out there who are Kindle believers?

6 thoughts on “To Kindle or not to Kindle…

  1. Tricia

    Everyone I know who has one loves them. I don’t have one, but I tell you that whenever I travel half the weight of my bag is in books. That alone puts Kindle in my temptation pile.

    I heard M.T. Anderson speak last month and he has one. He loved the fact that so much stuff in the public domain can be downloaded for free.

    I’m on the fence. I love to curl up in a chair with a book, but there are times when this seems like a nice option. If it were cheaper, I would certainly consider it more seriously.

  2. Gina

    Love mine. I’m 42, female, horror and post-apocolyptic genre lover, and avid book reader until I got a chronic pain issue. I couldn’t hold books anymore and along with other physical issues, I suddenly couldn’t read at all…. Until my kindle. I listen to audiobooks and use TTS 90% of the time. You’ll find the demographics are broad. Kids to elderly, technophiles to people that barely can use a cellphone, healthy to severely disabled. I honestly don’t understand people who don’t like Kindles. 🙂

  3. Jill

    I go back and forth on this. I’ve downloaded Kindle on my iPod Touch, but just couldn’t read it. BUT the screen is way tinier. Maybe if they come down to just at $200.

  4. Kari

    Oh this is actually a really interesting perspective! I just won a Sony Reader and I must admit I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to use it. [I just posted about all of this.] I’m a book purist, but I really want to be able to integrate an eReader into my life SOMEHOW. I know I won’t ever be able to use it as a replacement of physical books, but using it for fluff fiction is an interesting idea. I was thinking of using it for classics that I’d normally just put on hold and pick up at the library. The idea of audiobooks appealed to me but the Sony Reader Pocket Edition that I am getting does not have audio capabilities…it’s a pretty basic eReader. Oh well.

  5. Terry Doherty

    I had a Kindle on my wish list … ’til I saw the Nook. Two things sold me. 1. Being able to load/read PDFs. Although I prefer paper, I think more and more ARCs will go to an e-version. 2. I can share books with friends from the device. It is our only gift, and DH and I are getting one to share since we never travel at the same time!

  6. Kevin Hilgers

    Hi there. I have a Kindle and so does the Wife. We both enjoy them. They are PERFECT for anyone who travels… even for one or two trips they are worth while. I mean if you set it on the shelf till your next trip – it doesn’t cost you anything. But to be able to download, buy books anywhere in the world – and all that less weight! I love newspapers. I REALLY hope they get pictures soon though. I subscribe to the National Post daily. For travel, newspapers downloaded are fantastic. to be able to say “I ALWAYS have something good to read in my briefcase” – wow! I have read quite a few books but my attention span steers me to newspapers. The books I have read though – I have really enjoyed them on the kindle. I guess the times I wish it was paper would be a book I may want to reference again and again. I read Apple’s Steven Jobs “Presentation Secrets” on the Kindle. Loved it. Ate it up. Would however love to be able to glance at it now on paper back as it was a valuable read. I can also read the Kindle easy on the TREADMILL.
    So, light, easy on the eyes, great for travel. But wish we had pics in the newspapers, and the odd time miss paper. Glad I have it though. One more thing. I had a defect once, Amazon cheerfully replaced no questions asked. They have been great.

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