Can Enola Holmes get any better? Maybe…

Oh Enola. Oh Nancy Springer. I hope even more readers discover you because of the current trendiness of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Why? Because you are both brilliant. This series is an instant ticket to my happy place. Partly because it reminds me of my childhood, when I read many of the original Holmes tales. Partly because the writing is just so darn good. (Read my previous Enola reviews here and here).

So I would have said it was impossible to make Enola any better. Impossible. Every book is just as good as the one before. Well, after listening to Katherine Kellgren read The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan, I am not sure. Perhaps Enola Holmes can get better? Kellgren’s reading takes the audiobook experience to an entirely new level. She does all sorts of voices and accents – effortlessly. You picture each character – their appearance, their costumes, their movements, just through her voices. Every aspect of the drama is enhanced through the reading. An already outstanding book becomes even more outstanding. This audiobook would make it onto my Top 5 Audiobooks for Kids List (along with Sir Ian McKellen reading Wolf Brother, Neil Gaiman reading The Graveyard Book, Stephen Fry reading HP, and hmm… not sure what else). Can’t wait to hear what Kellgren does with this.

Three cheers for Enola! And Nancy! And Katherine! A trio united in perfection.


13 thoughts on “Can Enola Holmes get any better? Maybe…

  1. Colleen

    I just made friends with an 11 year old girl at the pool (her sister swims the same time as my son) and she is a HUGE reader. She told me her father has been pushing Sherlock Holmes because he loved him but she wasn’t too excited about it and I practically leaped out of my seat with “I HAVE THE BOOKS FOR YOU!!!!” Just checked in with the mom and they got the first Enola book from the library and she is reading it to her dad a chapter a night. Isn’t that about as good as it gets? Man, do I love this series too!

  2. Jan@eatingyabooks

    Absolutely, loved your review, so personal and quirky, I am definitely adding you to my list of blogs to follow, and I am placing The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan on my must red list.

  3. shelfelf Post author

    Thanks so much Jan! I’m heading over to visit you now!

    Colleen – I just love it when you know EXACTLY the book a kid will adore. Those are my favourite moments when I still get to work part-time at the Flying Dragon Bookshop here in Toronto. Here’s hoping this girl loves Enola and then gives Sherlock a shot!

  4. michelle

    I love listening to good books on audio when they are read by excellent readers. I’ll have to see if this is at our local library. Thanks for the great review!!

  5. Jaymie

    Sounds terrific! I have thought about picking these up, too, and haven’t. My nieces are getting older and I need to get some new material to pass on to them. This could be just what I was looking for.

  6. Kathy Martin

    I read the first one in the series and then sort of lost track. Thank you for returning these books to my radar. This would be a great time to display them in my library.

  7. DaNae Leu

    I recently heard this audio also. It is the only one my local library has. Naturally I read each book as soon as I can get my paws on them, but the audio was a lovely second visit.

    Can’t wait for May when the next enola comes out.

  8. L

    i do love enola holmes, too; and have been hopeful the publicity for sherlock holmes will bring this series into the limelight.

    am tantalized by your audio-book suggestion, will have to check it out, thanks.

  9. DaydreamerN

    I L-O-V-E! this books! they are the best ever! I wish more people would read them!

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