What do you do when a book is taunting you?

This book is taunting me:

It is calling to me from way down in my giant box o’ ARCs. Calling out words that sound something like, “Hello? I know you are out there! I know you’ve been longing for me! I know you have about 500 pages worth of books to read in three days for one of the book award committees you’re on, but I’m not very long! Just take me out of this dark place and I promise I will make you very, very happy! That book you’ve got in your hand? It is nothing, NOTHING next to what I’ve got in store for you! Hello? Remember moi?”


Must not listen.

Must not.

(but look who likes it).

9 thoughts on “What do you do when a book is taunting you?

  1. DaNae Leu

    I feel your conundrum. I’ve had the 500+ pages of The Lost Conspiracy beckoning me for months, but I’ve put it off in order to read every possible ALSC winner before the awards. Not that I’m on any committees but in the event I am needed to help out in any unforeseeable and unfathomable way, and also for bragging rights naturally.

    Next week, Hardinge here I come!

  2. Melissa (Book Nut)

    Give in! Give in for those of us not lucky enough to get ARCs! Read it! It’s MJ, it’s perfect for January. (Though, I suppose you’re *supposed* to be reading Cybil’s books…you can make time for this, though. Right?)

  3. shelfelf Post author

    I admire your ALSC goal. I had thought about trying to do the same… but I have lots to read (obviously) and I’m already having enough trouble being good!

    Melissa – I am trying to be good. So so hard though. Actually, I’m all good with the Cybils books. Done! It’s for another award that I have lots of books still to read. Maybe this weekend I might squeeze in some Scarlett time!

  4. Kathy Martin

    I have so many books taunting me that I am tempted to throw up my hands and go off and play mindless computer games. Sometimes it is just so hard to decide which book to read next.

  5. Natalie

    Give in! Truly, you will feel so much better, you’ll read it in no time, and then you can focus on your book award books. Or you can wait and celebrate your accomplishments with this little indulgence. 🙂

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