Daily Archives: January 19, 2010

Now I wanna read it: other folks’ reviews

I so much want to read Malinda Lo’s Ash. Reading Rants’ review makes me want to even more (if that’s possible).

Mitali Perkins gives me 10 more reasons to pick up Marcelo in the Real World (I already had about 50).

Kidsmomo offers an Ode to the Mysterious Benedict Society (done book 1, but haven’t tried 2 and 3 yet).

How have I not yet read Frank Cottrell Boyce’s Cosmic? This is very, very wrong. Fuse #8 reminds me why. (Framed and Millions are two of my best loved books).

Flash Burnout wasn’t really on my radar until this week. Now I don’t just want to read it because it won a prize. I want to read it because bloggers like Liz liked it. Lots.