Daily Archives: January 29, 2010

Silver Phoenix Linky Goodness

So I’m finally reading this (love ya Toronto Public Library but sometimes it’s really hard for a girl to be patient when she has to wait months and months for a book everyone else is raving about):

It’s just as good as people promised. Review later, but in the meantime, it is so good that I think I should re-post the trailer (also fantastic):

Very goosebumpy, yes?

So as I was lurking about, reading more about the author, Cindy Pon, I found some related linky goodness:

1) Cindy Pon does Chinese Brush Art – beautifully. See?

2) Silver Phoenix was named one of Booklist’s Top Ten Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books for Youth for 2009. That’s quite a list.

3) A great interview with Cindy at Into the Wardrobe and another at the YA YA YAs.

4) A lively discussion on Fantasy Tropes, moderated by Cindy, over at The Enchanted Inkpot.

5) Cindy interviews fellow Fantasy author, Kristin Cashore at The Enchanted Inkpot.

Gotta go keep reading!