March events at readergirlz: Scott Westerfeld & Elizabeth Scott

March is set to be a stellar month at readergirlz. Our featured author is Scott Westerfeld (of Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras and more). We’ll be chatting about his latest novel, the fabulously steampunk-y Leviathan. Visit the readergirlz blog all month long and then join in the chat on March 17th at 6pm PST and 9pm EST. There are so many reasons to pick up this book, but one of the biggest reasons in my view is the amazing interior artwork by Keith Thompson. Wow. The illustrations are phenomenal and add so much to the mood of the novel.

If you swing by Scott’s blog, you can explore some Leviathan goodies, including the full first chapter of the audiobook, read by Alan Cumming. (Perfect casting choice, yes?)

Here’s the trailer, to get you in the spirit:

But before we get to that sure-to-be-action-packed chat, we have another treat, a chat with readergirlz author-in-residence, Elizabeth Scott (who is darling and oh-so-clever and funny) on March 5th. You don’t want to be anywhere else.


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