Easter Adorable-ness

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I have two Eastery-treats to share. First, yesterday I was choosing which book to buy for my niece and nephew to go along with their eggs and I decided nothing could possibly beat Rosemary Wells’ Max’s Chocolate Chicken. Hands down, that is my favourite Easter picture book.

Oh Max, you sneaky devil. Then I had the good luck to find this adorable dramatization of the story by two little girls, Ellie and Caroline (sisters, I’m assuming):

Yesterday was an exceptional day for all things bunny, because I found these delightful felted rabbits, by Cristina Larsen, at the One of a Kind Show here in Toronto:

To see more of Cristina’s work, click here. It’s beautiful stuff. My tiny bunny’s name is Robert.

Happy Easter to all! Don’t eat all your chocolate chickens at once.


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