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Gimmee – Other Bloggers’ Recent Raves

I have such a stack of books to read that it is wrong, wrong, to be coveting even more books. And yet, I cannot stop myself. It is a problem that I am perpetually wishing for more books. Here are a few links to reviews that really make me want to keep adding to the stack:

The Carrie Diaries – by Candice Bushnell

Why? Because we all want to know Carrie Bradshaw in high school.

Reading Rants says, “I was beaming so broadly when I closed the cover that everyone on the subway must have thought I was nuts.” Read the full review here.

The Summer of Moonlight Secrets – by Danette Haworth

Why? Because it is set in a run-down hotel famous for Blueberry Pancakes.

A Chair, A Fireplace and A Tea Cosy says, “The Summer of Moonlight Secrets is about finding friends, becoming confident in yourself as a person, and figuring out the right thing to do. It is also funny! Allie Jo and Chase share some very corny jokes, and some only work well when read out loud. It took me a while to figure out just what was so funny about cinnamon aluminum linoleum.” Read the full review here.

The Quiet Book – by Deborah Underwood

Why? Because the illustrations are so soft-looking that I’d like to hug this book.

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast says, “What Underwood has managed to do in this title, which is stuffed with charm and humor and good cheer, is really tap into the emotions of children. There’s some misbehaving, followed by remorse (”Thinking of a good reason you were drawing on the wall quiet”); some awkwardness and humiliation (”Others telling secrets quiet”); some ungainliness (”Jelly side down quiet,” as a distraught rabbit realizes he’s lost his only chance at his piece of toast); some hushed contemplation (”Don’t scare the robin quiet” and “Best friends don’t need to talk quiet”); and much more.” Read the review and see beautiful artwork here.

Audrey Wait! – by Robin Benway

Why? Because every single thing I’ve heard / read about this book has been positive. So what am I waiting for?

Persnickety Snark says, “This is the debut novel from Robin Benway and I think she really hit the pool with a huge bombs-away. I loved how much life, vitality and kick-ass attitude is embedded in this book. I felt like I was chatting with a girlfriend as it was honestly, a really sparky (for lack of a better word) read.” Read everything here.

The Pickle King – by Rebecca Promitzer

Why? Because there is an eyeball in that pickle jar. Cra-zy-ness.

Chasing Ray says, “I have high hopes for this as my summer “bologna sandwich & potato chips” book – the one you sink into while hanging out in the backyard during one of those long extended days where you have NOTHING to do.” Read her full review here.