The Jane Cure

I’ve been feeling distinctly, “meh” lately.

Is it the heat?

Is it the fact that I still need to wait 86-ish days for this book?

Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be cured by lemonade or reading or even eating a lot of gelato.

So this week I finally went with the Jane Cure. A little P&P cannot fail to lift a girl’s spirits. You know you’ve watched the BBC miniseries one too many times when you can whistle the entire theme song (and play all of the parts). Remember this scene?

Well, I’m thinking the Jane Cure would be even more powerful if I watched while wearing this:

You could get one too. Right here.

Thank goodness for Jane.


3 thoughts on “The Jane Cure

  1. Nonie

    I don’t think Pride and Prejudice will ever fail to lift a girl’s heart. 🙂 Yay for Jane and her books!

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