city dog, country frog

I was buying a few things at one of my local bookstores last week when I spotted city dog, country frog behind the counter at the front cash. I saw that it was written by Mo Willems and illustrated by Jon J. Muth and then I said, “And I think I need one of those too.” I’d be hard pressed to think of a more impressive author-illustrator team. I didn’t read it until I got home. Then I read it, and cried. It is lovely in every way. The words and art are perfectly matched and perfectly pitched: quiet, soft and dreamy.

It’s a friendship story. Dog meets frog. They enjoy being together, having good times through the seasons. After that, things get sad, but it’s a touching kind of sad, not a “you’ll have to look for this book in the Grief/Issues section of the bookstore” kind of sad. This book is poignant and understated and likely to inspire rereading.

In my view, Jon J. Muth can do no wrong; Mo Willems, same. A book by two über talented artists. Go get your own copy to get teary over.

city dog, country frog is published by Hyperion.

1 thought on “city dog, country frog

  1. Deva Fagan

    I loved this one too. I hardly ever read picture books but just seeing the cover show up in one of the blogs in my google reader was enough to make me seek it out. It made me sniffle too, which is rare for a book.

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