the heat made me do it

Alright, so I read this:

Actually, I listened to it. Does that make it better?

I think I can sum it up in a few words: trashy, trashy and um… trashy.

And yet, I kept on listening, probably because this is 100% the kind of book I would never have been allowed to read as a teen, so adult me was reading it because nobody could stop me, to prove a point (or something).

It made The Luxe series seem like Jane Austen. In some ways, it was reminiscent of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but without the pants, and with a dead girl. I can get the appeal, and I know the audience. I get that Gossip Girl fans will eat it up and that it’s meant to be fluffy entertainment, pure and simple. But honestly. I read a review somewhere that said that readers were sure to “relate to” at least one of the girls. Again… honestly? If these girls are “relate-able” I am obviously way out of touch with normal teen life.

There is now a TV show. Of course. Check out this review. Best quote from said review: “There also appears to be a decided lack of vampires, and these days that’s got to count for something.” True enough. Points for no vampires.

If the heat wave continues, I might just be crazy enough to keep on listening.


1 thought on “the heat made me do it

  1. Jennifer

    I have to agree with you. I ate up the Gossip Girl series and have started watching the TV series inspired by these books but not because the characters are relatable in any way. In fact, I think the appeal is the exact opposite, at least for me. The girls in stories like this do all the things that I would never do, crazy things that no normal teen would ever even come close to being able to do. And in some way, that is where the entertainment value is for me, the uninhibited nature of these characters. Sill, I know that my reading time would be much better spent reading something of more value.

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