Happy-making stuff

This past week has had way too many chores in it. Chores + summer vacation = yuck. After seemingly endless sweaty hours spent cleaning cupboards and washing corners in my house that I have never washed and hope to not wash again for years (if possible), I found solace in computer-land.

Look at the happy-making treats I found:

1) Nifty overdue book calendar by auntjune:

2) Marshmallows with faces. (The world is wonderful, isn’t it?) By Color Me Katie.

3) A lovely and touching short film by Cecil Castellucci, for her new picture book, Grandma’s Gloves (illustrated by the uber-talented Julia Denos. Must get that book).

4) Peanut-Butter Chocolate Crispy Bars of Paradise (which I plan to make this weekend, even though Smitten Kitchen tells me not to).

5) Finally, the gratuitous adorable-beyond-all-reason dog video:

If you’re not feeling happier by now, I suggest a liquid remedy. That works too. (Perhaps this?)

3 thoughts on “Happy-making stuff

  1. Brenda

    Love the puppy..but then I’m loving all things baby right now since I became a new grandma.

    Perhaps you should share the recipe for the bars…they look good but sinful.

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