deep breath and… GO!

It’s been a good summer.

I made these:

and some of these:

I went wedding dress shopping and discovered that even a girl who never daydreamed about “the dress” will find “the dress” (and it will probably cost more than the girl ever thought she would spend on a dress. Ever. Gulp).

The dog had fun:

I discovered lots of new, very singable songs. Such as:

I read books that made me laugh:

and cry:

and marvel:

I wish that there was a little more holiday left. But so it goes.

I think I am ready for the ten-year-olds.

In preparation, I have chosen the first read aloud of the year:

Bring on September!


4 thoughts on “deep breath and… GO!

  1. Kristen H.

    I loved Masterpiece, hope the 10 year olds love it! Glad you found the perfect dress. I found mine online and couldn’t even bear to look at any others. So I bought it online and got it tailored, which means the dress total cost about 800 dollars.

    Hope you have a lovely wedding.

  2. kay

    Looks like you had a delicious summer, to say the least! And Plain Kate and Confessions of the Sullivan sisters are on my wishlist. I’m happy to read you enjoyed them!

  3. Brenda

    I bet your dress is something simple and elegant with a touch of fun…like you!
    Did you like Mockingjay? It was not the ending I thought it would be…but better, hopeful but not too hopeful…change is slow. My book is now to be donated to one of the schools at which I used to work. I know it will be well read.

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