A little pastry gloating for Thanksgiving

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving today. I’m just about to head to my mom’s for our Feast. I’m always the baker.

Here’s what I’m bringing:

(Recipe here – so SO good. I could make it in my sleep).

And this:

(Recipe here. We used to make this at one of the bakeries where I worked in my former pastry-cheffing life. It’s beyond yum – and very festive, if I do say so myself).

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Eat tarts! Eat turkey! Fall asleep under a good book. Perhaps this?


4 thoughts on “A little pastry gloating for Thanksgiving

  1. shelfelf Post author

    Thanks Holly. You must make the Apple Tart Cake. Yum with tea. So perfect for apple season.

  2. Brenda

    Hi Elf!
    As I had an abundance of apples I decided to try your apple tart/cake recipe.
    It is easy to make and delicious.
    I highly reccomend it to anyone who wants a dessert that is easy and impressive.
    Keep those recipes coming, please.

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