Daily Archives: October 17, 2010

Sweet things

It seems like September and October have been happening at high speed. Warp speed, actually.

These past few weeks, sometimes I’ve had to stop and let my brain slow down and look at something that makes me remember, “Ah yes, life can be about things other than what is presently on my To Do List.”

Here are a few sweet things I experienced this week (three virtual, one edible, one literary):

Color Me Katie’s list: 10 Things that Make Me Happy. I need to make such a list too.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful images and inspiring words at a blog I just found: the notebook doodles. Love.

Perhaps the perfect fall treat? Next weekend I’ll find out.

Which brings me to this weekend… when I made these:

In a gesture of supreme generosity (+ waistline preservation), I brought some to my neighbours. I am now even more popular.

In bookish news, I am rereading a very sweet book right now, by the lovely and talented Vikki VanSickle:

Here’s to all things sweet, even – no, especially – when life is nuts.