Daily Archives: October 24, 2010

Human Library

This is nifty. Perhaps you’ve already heard about HUMAN Library? My fella was listening to the morning program on the CBC and he told me about it. Created in Denmark, HUMAN Library is an initiative that is meant to encourage people to face their prejudices and ideally, to walk away from their HUMAN Library experience more open-minded. People volunteer to be “Living Books,” and then visitors to the library can “check them out” for a period of time, and have conversations with the Living Book about his/her life experiences. It’s not just anyone who is the ideal Living Book. It’s someone who has faced prejudice or stereotyping and is willing and courageous enough to be open about his/her experiences, potentially with someone who might carry prejudices. The Toronto Public Library is trying out the project on Saturday, November 6th, at various locations throughout the city. For more information, including the Living Books that you might check out on November 6th, visit here.

(Library photo from stockxchng)