May I recommend…

You really should stop everything right now and do the following:

1) Find yourself a copy of this book. Get really lucky at the library. Or else buy one. Really. Just buy it. It’s worth it.

2) Get some apple cider.

3) Hopefully find some leftover caramel sauce in the fridge.

4) Mix cider + caramel until creamy and perfect and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

5) Bring book and warm caramely cider to the couch.

6) Stay there. Sink into book. Sip cider. Every so often look out the window at leaves whipping around and think: “Fall is delicious.”

4 thoughts on “May I recommend…

  1. Cath Francis

    I was missing the cider, caramel sauce, and couch but I enjoyed this book as much on Friday night as I sat in my broken down car, on a country road, under the full moon, waiting for a lift.

    Even when I read page 224
    “And that’s when I heard them. Footsteps. Behind me in the dark.”
    I just keep on reading…but I’m glad my pooch was with me.

  2. Megan Hoover Swicegood

    I brought this book home on Saturday and will be diving into ASAP. I shall take your recommendations about cider. Though, I like mine with bourbon instead of carmel 🙂

  3. Laurie Schneider

    I pre-ordered my copy and it’s sitting on my shelf. I can’t bring myself to read it, though, because there’s something delicious about waiting. And once I read it, it will be…done.

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